Reduce heating and cooling costs with insulated paint

Reduce heating and cooling costs with insulated paint

If you’re planning on painting your house in the near future consider using Thermilate Thermalmix Insulating Paint Additive

Thermalmix creates a thermal barrier which prevents heat loss through walls and ceilings in summer and prevents heat gain through walls and ceilings in summer. This will dramatically reduce your energy cots for heating in winter and cooling in summer. In winter Thermalmix works by reflecting heat back into the room rather than it being absorbed and lost through the walls or ceiling.  In summer Thermalmix will prevent heat from coming in via the walls and increasing the amount of heat inside the room.

It’s pretty easy to use, just add it to whatever paint you’ll be using and paint as you normally would. The mix is actually made of up tiny balls that create the barrier so it will create a slightly rough finish on the painted surface. If you don’t want a rough finish just ensure you do a final coat without the Thermalmix in the paint to ensure a smooth painted surface

I’ve painted all my walls and ceilings in my apartment with Thermalmix and it makes a huge difference in Winter and Summer.

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