Telstra, we have a problem

Telstra, we have a problem

Over the last few months access to Telstra mobile data in the Sydney and Melbourne CBDs seems to be getting worse and worse. I manage about 25 iPhones and iPads, all connected to Telstra and complaints by users of having no data access are on the rise.

During the morning peak, lunch time and evening peak everyday I will experience full signal but no data transfer at all. Resulting in failed iMessages, inability to send/receive email and a battery that drains really fast as a result of continually trying to transmit/receive data (as there is full signal and 3G access but no data flowing)

iOS 5.1 was released today and brings back the Enable 3G toggle to the iPhone 4S. This morning I ran two tests from my desk at work in the Sydney CBD. One on Next G and one on EDGE just to see if EDGE might be an option when 3G seems to be saturated.

Testing EDGE vs Next G in the Sydney CBD while plugged into power

Next time I have absolutely no data on 3G I’m going to give EDGE a go and see if I can get some data.

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2 thoughts on “Telstra, we have a problem

  1. Yep, same issues. It’s congestion, and there’s really not much you (or they) can do about it.

    What they could do is raise their prices to where they used to be, widening the moat and kicking off the plebs, but I think their newfound popularity is working well for them.

    Growth in mobile data use doubles at least every year, and there’s just not enough spectrum. Sure, the digital dividend will help with 700mhz LTE, but exponential growth in demand of a finite resource will always end in tears.

    Who knows? More public wifi? Certainly somewhere to start.

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