Riding The Oaks Fire Trail

Riding The Oaks Fire Trail

After having the new bike for a few months it was time to try some trail riding like I did many years ago. I decided I’d give The Oaks Fire Trail a run, I’ve never ridden it before and it is a fairly easy trip, mostly down hill with not too much technical work.

I decided to go up by train so jumped on the 13:18 from Central to Woodford, arriving there at 15:00 (the train was late leaving Central). The nice thing about this ride is you can ride from Woodford station to Glenbrook station via the trail, no car needed!

After all the recent rain the trail was in poor condition with a lot of loose rocks, some large ones too, that made it hard to get a lot of speed down hill and going up the hills with that much loose track was hell. Even going down some of the steep sections required walking because the rocks were so unstable

Thankfully a storm rolling through the mountains just missed us, traveling to the North of our location and we only got a few spots of rain.

I had a change to use my new CamelBak 2012 M.U.L.E.® NV which worked extremely well, the venting on the back of the pack kept my back and the water nice and cool.

Once we finished the first 19km of the trail that is locked off the road was nicely graded, although had plenty of corrugations to shake the shit out of you while riding. I did plan on going a bit of the single trail on this part of the ride but there was another storm approaching and just wanted to get to Glenbrook.

Crossing Glenbrook creek at the causeway was fun, some nice cool water to cool down from a hot and humid days ride.

The last bit is the climb out of the national park from Glenbrook creek up to Glenbrook, which required walking in some bits.

It was just a quick ride to Glenbrook to grab some food and drinks from FoodWorks before jumping on the train back home from Glenbrook

As always you can check out the ride log from my Garmin Edge 800 which records GPS track, speed, cadence, heart rate, temperature, elevation etc. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/150701241

3 thoughts on “Riding The Oaks Fire Trail

  1. I was out in the blueys on the bike yesterday too (with @HappySinger). Noticed Beau checking in on The Oaks from Foursquare…

    We did the Narrowneck Fire Road, mostly because of the scenery, but one of these weekends I’ll get on to the Oaks. I’m actually thinking of doing Oaks + Anderson’s Firetrail together one of these days. Like you, I’m on a new bike


    1. I love narrowneck, the first time I did that my brake cable snapped going down one of the hills and had to use the bushes to stop me :O I should go back there now I have a more decent bike.

      I’d like to do Anderson’s then The Oaks in one day. I might go and do the Anderson’s trail by itself before combining the two though. Let me know when you’re ready to do the two together and all 4 of us can go? It will be a few solid hours of riding

  2. I did this trip years ago Evan…was great fun…but as you say, it’s all downhill so I made it to Penrith and then jumped on a train. 🙂

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