Time to get fit, a new bike should help

So I need to get fit. I used to do a lot of biking riding years ago so I decided on getting a new bike. Beau can use my old one which is still in pretty good condition for being around 11 years old! (it’s the blue one below)

I wanted a dual suspension so decided on the Giant Anthem X3 2012. It’s at the lower end of the dual suspension at $1999 and should suit me nicely. It has disc hydraulic brakes which are awesome!

The bike came with clipless pedals so I’ve taken the plunge and bought some mountain bike shoes. The clipless pedals connect to cleats on the bottom of the shoe and lock you into the pedals. It allows for a bit more efficiency with some energy going into the ride on the upstroke. I just have to get in the habit of getting a foot unlocked before stopping or making sure there is something to lean against when I stop!

I also decided to get a Garmin Edge 800. This will let me create courses to give me directions and also takes a GPS log of the trip as well as elevation, speed, cadence, temperature, heart rate etc. You can check out my Garmin activities over here


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