Voyager Point, New South Wales – Google Maps

Twitter: @FW2278
Weather Station Hardware: Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus 

Cranebrook, New South Wales – Google Maps

Twitter: @CW9313
Weather Station Hardware: Davis Vantage Vue® Wireless Weather Station

About the setup

The station is solar powered and wirelessly transmits data to the console every 2.5 seconds. The console is then connected to a data logger and a PC to provide updates to this site every 5 seconds for the live site and every 15 minutes for the static site. Data is also been uploaded to Weather Underground, NOAA and CWOP. I also purchased the daytime fan aspiration kit that provides a solar powered fan for the radiation shield that improves the accuracy of temperature readings.

The station has the following sensors:

Barometric Pressure
Wind Direction
Wind Speed
Rainfall (tipping bucket accurate to 0.2mm)
Ultraviolet Radiation
Solar Radiation

From these sensors, the console and the software on the PC I can provide the following information:

Temperature – Indoor, outdoor, wet bulb, high and low. High and low temperature alarms
Rainfall – Daily, monthly,yearly, flash flood alarms and storm alarms.
Rainstorm – Beginning and ending date/time of storm events.
Rain Rate – Current and 24 minutes. Rain rate alarm
Wind Speed – Current, average for last 10 minutes and 24 hours. High and average wind speed alarms
Wind Direction – Current, 24 hours. Direction of high wind speed
Wind Chill – Current wind chill. Wind chill alarm.
Dew Point – Current, 24 hours. High and low alarms.
Sun – Time of sunrise &sunset, distance to sun, sun size, sun eclipse
Moon – Current moon rise time, moon set time, moon age, moon phase, distance to moon, moon size, moon eclipse
Barometric Pressure – Current, 24 hours, trend (rising, falling, steady). Pressure change rate.
Humidity – Current, 24 hours, inside, outside. High and low humidity alarms.
Heat Index – Current, 24 hours. Heat index alarm
Humidex – Current, 24 hours. Humidex alarm
Forecast – Sun, part sun, clouds, rain, snow, temperature and wind.
UV Index – Current UV Index reading with description (Low, Moderate, High, Very High. Extreme)
Solar Radiation – Current solar radiation by % or W/m2. Sunshine hours, day, month, year.
Evapotranspiration – Current ET, ET rate.