HTC Mozart: So after 2 weeks…..

HTC Mozart: So after 2 weeks…..

So after two weeks what is the verdict? Will I ditch my iPhone 4? Will I keep using the HTC Mozart?

No & Definitely

For users getting a smartphone for the first time this device would be great, however the iPhone (iOS) has had time to mature as a platform and so making the switch to me would be a downgrade. There simply aren’t all the apps available that I need (want) to be able to exclusively use Windows Phone 7 as a platform.

Having said that I’ll be keeping my HTC Mozart and be watching for updates and new apps that will meet or exceed my experience on the iPhone 4/iOS.

Over the two weeks I saw myself using the Mozart less and less. This was in part due to the interface that needs a bit of tweaking to make it easier to use but mostly the fact that I didn’t have available all the apps I used daily or the apps in their first versions are a bit slow/buggy. As the platform matures I expect there to be a lot of improvement this area.

As expected the Telstra Next G Network performed well, just as good as on my iPhone 4. There were a few APN quirks that caused poor battery life if push email was enabled buy these have been ironed out by Telstra engineers.

The battery life of the device is surprisingly good and miles ahead of the iPhone is the ability to carry a spare battery and actually change it. The slim design of the phone should prove to Apple you can make a slim device and be able to change the battery

Disclosure: Telstra is supplying the HTC Mozart 7 free of charge for me to review, however all opinions expressed are my own and not made on behalf of Telstra.

So now the official review period is over I can pass the device on to @BeauGiles who has far more time to fiddle with it than I do 🙂 I’m sure he will post a review on his website at some stage

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