Why I won’t be ‘turning off the lights’ for Earth Hour

Why I won’t be ‘turning off the lights’ for Earth Hour

I already aim to have the lowest possible carbon footprint for my lifestyle so I won’t be ‘turning off the lights’ because me doing that will have little or no impact on anything to do with the environment. In fact like most nights I probably won’t have the lights on in the first place.

What have I done already to lower my carbon footprint?

  • I have selected the most energy efficient appliances my money can buy
  • I don’t leave the lights on EVER if I don’t need them. Most of the time just 1 or 2, 2W LED lamps is all I will have on upstairs in the living area of an evening
  • I replaced every single halogen or incandescent bulb in my apartment the day I bought it with LED or CFL light sources.
  • Installed timers for certain devices in the apartment so they are only on for the minimum amount of time needed
  • I live in a warehouse converted building (best recycling ever), all the windows face North to provide excellent natural warming in winter and prevent direct sunlight in summer
  • I don’t have an air conditioner, I have used insulating paint to keep my apartment warmer in winter and cooler in Summer. Cross ventilation is used.
  • I have energy smart power boards that turn off all devices on the board when the master device is switched off. E.g turning off the computer switches off (at the power) the additional screen, speakers etc.
  • I have timber floors instead of carpet. These will last much longer and were made from sustainable sources. They also keep the apartment cooler in Summer
  • I use public transport to travel to and from work as well as personal travel or I walk!
  • I don’t own a car, I use the GoGet car share program instead and only use it when I need to
  • I offset ALL my personal air travel
  • Work offsets ALL their carbon footprint and more, in fact we are carbon neutral plus
  • I’ve been cutting down my intake of meat which is very carbon intensive to produce and deliver to consumers. I buy what I will consume instead of buying too much and throwing out as waste
  • I walk to the shops
  • When still living with my parents I replaced every bit of spare ground with gardens and trees. installed solar panels and installed water tanks capable of holding 9,000L

So screw you if you say I ‘have’ to be involved or ‘just do it’.  Sure it may inspire a few people to think about the impact of their lifestyle on the environment but we don’t need a few people or even the majority of people to do this, we need everyone!. What will make everyone notice? A price on carbon. When people see their consumption costing them money they’ll soon start reducing their consumption and being smarter about their lifestyle.

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2 thoughts on “Why I won’t be ‘turning off the lights’ for Earth Hour

  1. I agree with you fully. Although I live in the outer metro I take the train for 2 hr every day to minimise the use of my car. My house is insulated and the installation of solar panels is only held up by the useless panel company.
    I have a home in the valey that runs on 12vlt batteries alone. No other source of power.
    I also turn everything off so a big FUCK you to the one hour people who only do it for one hour and nothing else the rest of the year

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